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The main advantages of collaborative writing would be the ability to more than one view point on the subject, having someone to help when you struggle at different points, and to have multiple people to proof read so that you are sure that the message comes across exactly how it is intended. Having more than one writer on the view point gives you different angles to look at when writing the paper. This helps to be able to make sure that the message is clear. The disadvantages of collaborative writing would have to be having people argue over what is the best way to write the paper. Some people have a hard time agreeing that someone else’s point of view is better than their own.
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Unformatted text preview: Also if you try to incorporate everyones ideas in the writing the message may get confusing. And last if someone is not pulling their own weight in the work the other writers have to pick up the slack for someone that is lazy with their work. This is unfair to the rest of the writers. A good situation where this would be very effective would have to be when doing a research project for school. It allows different people to work on multiple angles of the project. On normal everyday work this would not be effective, because it would take too much time to get everyones opinions. This should only be used in long drawn out work....
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