Week 4 Day 4 - software This can be a very challenging feat...

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The title of the article I used for this assignment was called, “Software to make software better.” The author of the article was unstated, but I went through the University of Phoenix library to find the article on Econimist.com. It was a very easy article to read that had a very clear message. Computer programmers today are writing new software to fix the bugs, or problems, that was in the old software. Some of the older software that is still used is over a decade old. For this reason there are minor bugs that have come up over time. It is the computer programmers of today’s responsibility to fix the issues of the old
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Unformatted text preview: software. This can be a very challenging feat to accomplish. The new programmers must learn how the old software was written so that way they can make new and improved software. Also as always the old software has just grown outdated. This is the way of our world, being that the next big thing seems to be coming out every six months. Students looking to get into the computer programmer profession will have to realize that they will have a huge task ahead of them. It is not just their job to keep up with what is already out there, they must invent the new programs that will help our world in the future...
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