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Week 6 Day 4 - Co-manager Organization Very simple and...

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I am going to use for my assignment my mother’s job. She has been the manager at a store for over 20 years. Everyday she gives out both, instructions and process analysis. Instructions: To an associate- “Go stock the soda and beer in the cooler.” Process Analysis: To her co-manager –“ Don’t make your order so big that we won’t have room for the product. Remember there must be room when the next vendor.” Instruction Process Analysis Purpose To have the cooler filled, so that the product will be available to sell. To explain that there is only so much room to store product. And everyone has to have some space. Title To an associate To co-manager Audience Associates
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Unformatted text preview: Co-manager Organization Very simple, and direct. To explain everything in a very easy to understand way. Document Design Simple Explanation and understanding Any additional ways This is told to be understood that she is the boss, and has the right to delegate out the work that is needed to be done. But at the same time she wants it done immediately. This shows that she is explaining something that has to be done, but she is talking to someone that has a better understanding of all the things that need to happen for the store to be successful. If it don’t fit, you can’t keep it. Bottom line, so this explains everything in a more respectful tone....
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