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Week 8 Day 4 - how the paper should flow Once this is...

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1. Journals have a very important role in technical writing. They allow for authors to show the research that they have done on different subjects, and allow others to use their research to better their own goals. The professional writing of authors allow them to have published works out for others to read and note whenever is needed. Researching journals and professional writings on the internet makes it easy for the researcher to review the author’s level of prestige, so that it can be determined if the information in the journal is valid to the subject. 2. There are very many levels in the organization of a technical scientific paper. There must first be the stating of what the topic is exactly. Then the author needs to have notes taken clearly on the research of the topic. After this the author conducts the rough draft to see exactly
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Unformatted text preview: how the paper should flow. Once this is correct the final draft will be written followed by a table to show documentation of all the sources. 3. The article shows how the need for computer programmers has reached a level to where teachers that are too old to have grown up with computers, are being taught now how to recognize students who are gifted in this subject. According to W. Brett McKenzie, associate professor of computer-information systems at Roger Williams, “ We are looking for ways to recognize students in the area of computing.” This is just one example of how the need for computer intelligent people are needed more now than ever and this is a very growing field. Resource: Smith, Andy (Monday, August 6, 2007), Helping Teachers Find the Next Wave of Computer Programmers...
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