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Dear David Hume, October 12, 2010 I respectively disagree with your view on religion and your basic assertions of trying to disprove the argument of ontological in your Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion. While in your dialogue, you allow your characters to believe in God, but you seem to openly take the belief of Atheism, even though some of your writings suggest otherwise. I strongly believe that your attempt at trying to disprove or create a mockery of Christianity or any other religion is simply a task that can’t be accomplished by any human on earth. I feel that your belief on religion is simply not accurate, due to many reasons. While everyone can hold their own beliefs, who is to say that any one person is correct? I believe that everyone has a justifiable reason at believing what they want, and some of those justifiable means are through design, ontological, or cosmological. However, through my experience, I
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