Week 5 Day 3 - moral characteristics The disagreement came...

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Most of the class seemed to agree that, where moral character is concerned, people can  influence and change habits and moral characteristics. People argued for this point, saying the  majority of people develop their primary moral beliefs at a young age from the teachings of their  parents. As they grow older friends, and other important people in their lives, present levels of  influence on a person’s moral characteristics and habits. Events that occur, during a person’s  life, also have a direct affect on these beliefs.  The majority of the class agreed that events, and  people, in one’s life have a massive affect on the way a person routinely acts, as well as their 
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Unformatted text preview: moral characteristics. The disagreement came about because I believe a person’s habits are a direct effect of their personal moral beliefs. Some members of the class felt that both effect the other, but, in my opinion, I believe that habits can only be form by repeatedly performing the same act, and why would someone perform the same act if they did not believe it to be morally correct, at least for them. I think that the mass, of our class, thought in the modern mode. By thinking that habits are either good or bad, there are no other contributing factors. It is all simple and clear cut....
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