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Week 6 Day 5 - to treat people badly either There may be...

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Do you believe a person's religious views should effect their treatment of others? Explain your answer. In your opinion, does the "humble generosity" described in column 2 exist in today's world? If so, where? Is it a valued trait? How would you rewrite the biblical story with a modern setting and modern characters and still illustrate the same point? What characters would you use to replace the poor widow and the scribe? What setting and set of circumstances would best illustrate your point? Explain your choices. I do not believe a person's religious belief should effect they way they treat other people, although, I do think this can be looked at a couple ways. A religious person should treat other people according to their faith and how they were taught by that faith, "Do unto others ..... ". I do not think a person of faith should treat other people badly, because of their faith, and I do not think a person that does not have a faith has a right
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Unformatted text preview: to treat people badly either. There may be faiths that believe it is ok to treat other people badly but that is not grounds to do so in my opinion. I think there is still humble generosity in places, especially those affiliated with churches, and those that believe it is better to give to those that cannot give to themselves when they can. I find this a valued trait because you don't see this type of action much anymore. It is very nice to cross paths with someone that is generous and does not want anything in return and does not make a big spectacle of it or draw attention to themselves because of it. For my biblical story I would use a politician as the scribe and a widowed grandmother for the widow. I would set them in a political race where the politician preaches what he will do and the widow calls his bluff and brings to light his downfalls without asking anything in return....
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