Week 7 Day 7 - Running head EASTERN AND WESTERN...

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Running head: EASTERN AND WESTERN PHILOSOPHERS 1 Eastern and Western Philosophers Dustin Robison University of Phoenix
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Eastern and Western Philosophers The Western philosopher that I chose is Rene Descartes. To me, he seems like the most logical choice because of the way he questioned himself in all his religious beliefs and the ways in which he came up with to prove whether or not his beliefs were valid or not, if only to himself. The way he seemed to think is so much like the way I tend to think; similar doubts and questions. I believe that during his time, Rene Descartes, appealed to the most people in the way that he thought; the way in which he did not try to hide his doubts and how the methods he came up with seemed so “human”. Descartes biggest desire was for something true and certain in a time when it seemed that all that existed was everything false and nothing certain. Rene Descartes came up with three different ways (proofs) in which to determine the validity of his own thoughts and beliefs. The first one, simply put is that for the idea and his belief in God to have occurred to him, it had to have come from a higher more perfect being, this being God, Himself. A simple human mind could not have come up with the idea. The second proof (which is very similar to the first one) is such: 1. A person exists as a thing having an idea of God; 2. Everything/one in existence has a
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Week 7 Day 7 - Running head EASTERN AND WESTERN...

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