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Assignment 10 Adolescence - when you write this essay If...

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Assignment 10 Common Context in Other Cultures Psychology of Adolescence This assignment is worth 20 points. Read the Shek article that appears under Lecture 16 in Course Documents.  The Shek article is  listed as “16a”.  Read the Schulze (2004) article that appears under Lecture 16 in Course  Documents.  The Schulze article is listed as “16b”. Take notes as you read. Using what you have read in your textbook as a guide, I want you to be creative and compare  and contrast Chinese and Filipino mothers in their parenting styles.  I know the Filipino article  looks at parenting styles with children, but I think we can still compare the parenting styles of the  two cultures. So, this is a comparison and contrast essay, two pages, and you can feel free to be creative 
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Unformatted text preview: when you write this essay. If you wish to bring in the traditional information from your textbook about Western cultures and parenting styles, and compare and contrast those styles with the two Asian area styles, feel free to do so. Add a References page as page 3, and write your essay in APA style. Grading for this essay assignment: Comparisons Between 2 or More Cultures: 4 points Contrasts Between 2 or More Cultures: 4 points Creativity: 5 points Identification of Parenting Styles in the Two Asian area Cultures: 4 points APA Style: 2 points References page: 1 point...
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