1st Weekly Assignment

1st Weekly Assignment - To: Professor Palermo From: Hye...

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To: Professor Palermo From: Hye Young Kim (Hailey) Subject: Affirmative action Date: 09/16/2010 Affirmative action is an active effort to improve employment and/ or educational opportunities for members of minority groups including women (Britannica). In the past, those minorities have been excluded from full participation in the workplace and the primary reasons that have been cited are racial and sexual discrimination. To remedy these unjustices , affirmative action was set into place during the 1960's. In the workplace, Executive Order 11246, issued by President Lyndon Johnson, required federal contractors to take affirmative action to hire more African Americans, women and other minority groups, and to grant these people the same opportunities for promotions, training, salary increases, and career advancement. Affirmative action has brought many benefits to minorities with explicit outcomes. First of all, it has increased the recruitment of minorities which leads to diversity in the workplace. Krishna Tummala, a professor of Kansas State University said that “The Affirmative action is a primary legal tool to promote minorities who have been historically discriminated against and there is a lot of evidence that minorities have been brought into the
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This note was uploaded on 03/13/2011 for the course BUS 383 taught by Professor Mcheffey during the Spring '11 term at SUNY Suffolk.

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1st Weekly Assignment - To: Professor Palermo From: Hye...

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