BUS 383 - Social Entrepreneurship - HW #2

BUS 383 - Social Entrepreneurship - HW #2 - Asian only...

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BUS 383 HW Assignment – Statistic Table 1: Annual Earnings, 2009, for Year-Round Full-time Workers aged 15 and Older by Race and Ethnic Background Race and Ethnicity Male Female Women's Earnings as % of White Male Earnings* All Races 47,127 36,278 77.0% White Alone, not Hispanic 51,405 38,533 75.0% Black or African American only 37,496 31,824 61.9%
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Unformatted text preview: Asian only 51,760 42,331 82.3% Hispanic or Latino (any race) 31,393 27,181 52.9% Source: Institute On average, women make 77% of what white males make. I cannot believe that there is such a huge gap still, especially considering this statistic was from last year! Institute for Womens Policy Research http://www.iwpr.org/pdf/C350.pdf...
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