Bus 383 - Social Entrepreneurship - HW #4

Bus 383 - Social Entrepreneurship - HW #4 - 10/10/2010...

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10/10/2010 Social Entrepreneurship – Assignment #4 Being overweight is not only dangerous for your own personal health, but it also negatively affects the loved ones around you. When you are overweight, you are serving as a role model to your children, and those negative eating habits are easily passed on. Also, if you are unable to care for yourself, how can you possibly care for those around you? Obesity is a major problem in the United States, and as quoted by the New York Times, “nearly 34 percent of adults are obese, more than double the percentage 30 years ago.” 1 As noted by the New York State Department of Health, “overweight and obesity cause serious health problems, including: Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, several forms of cancer, and asthma.” 2 The two aforementioned statistics pose a serious threat to future generations (our children), and our country as an entirety. However, it is not too late for reformation. With that said, I will introduce you to Weight Watchers’ new campaign, “Lose for Good”. How many times have you heard phrases such as “Burn fat instantly”, or “All you need is X
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