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BUS 383 - Social Entrepreneurship - HW #5

BUS 383 - Social Entrepreneurship - HW #5 - Mission...

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Mission Statement: “Struggling to survive on welfare? Living paycheck to paycheck? Why are these such familiar phrases in our society? You can take action now.” Contact information: Texting hotline / phone hotline / email address / facebook How does this newspaper ad help us achieve our goals? This newspaper ad will get our message across to the general public in a clear and understandable fashion. Also, the advertisement will attract funding – Based on the amount of funding received from the first ad, we will know where we stand as a social campaign. Awareness: For obvious reasons, this ad will create a general awareness of our community initiative. (Limited equity cooperative). It will create such awareness through a brief description of our cause; powerful statements such as seen above (Mission statement/questions); powerful and emotional images. Interest: This will most certainly grab the working class demographic – The working class consists of those who can best relate to those living paycheck to paycheck. Often times they are
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