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Test #2 Question #2 At the conclusion of the first section of S. Post’s Humanism, posthumanism, and compassionate love Post claims “it is the discovery of what already lies within us that dignifies what lies before us.” Post is suggesting that true happiness lies within us, and once uncovered, will deem our future self. Initially, when reading “In the giving of self lies the discovery of a deeper and happier self”, your mind assumes that the “giving of self” (through altruistic acts) is required in order to find the deeper, happier self within. Prior to the aforementioned quote, Post stated that “without this love, we are poor even if we do not know it”, suggesting that the “giving of self” quote that followed must be done subconsciously, rather than purposefully. To elaborate further on my standing that Post’s view does not make it that altruism is reducible (or is nothing but) self-gain and self-interested action, I will address his other article
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