Philosophy 101 Assignment 2

Philosophy 101 Assignment 2 - Response Paper #2 PHI 101...

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Response Paper #2 PHI 101 Tell me about one teacher you have had recently from whom you feel to have learned a lot. What kind of knowledge did this person convey to you (for example, facts, rules, principles, practical techniques)? How, i.e. by what technique, did he or she convey it to you most successfully? Then, reflect on this statement: "The process of learning consists not in what is brought to the learner, but in what is drawn from him or her." Try to give me an argument - that means at least one reason (premise) and one conclusion (your final judgment on the matter) for why this statement seems true OR why it seems false to you. (I am open to be convinced either way; you can draw on the good teacher example you gave, if you like.) The question you are proposing, and the quote “The process… draw from him or her” absolutely go hand in hand. After reading the proposed assignment a few times over, I found myself caught on three words: “learned a lot.” Applying these three words to the quote, and claiming that learning is not what is spoken to me, but rather what I retain seem to scream that
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Philosophy 101 Assignment 2 - Response Paper #2 PHI 101...

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