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Philosophy Paper - Final - 12/15/2010 PHI 101 Final...

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12/15/2010 PHI 101 – Final Question #2 Marketing has been criticized throughout time and will most likely continue to be, but certainly not for the reasons that Shankar and Fitchett conlude in “Having, Being and Consumption.” Marketing has been criticized to be misleading and deceptive, but certainly for not pitching the wrong desires to an audience. In fact, marketing is criticized because its messages and advertising are fine-tuned in such a fashion that they create an audience. It must be kept in mind that marketing has also provided people with the products that we take for granted; it is the shampoos, the new cars, the clothes, the food and so on that make who we are, and make everyday life that much easier. It was noted in the article that “the ability to attain, i.e. to have, material wealth and material prosperity does not seem to resolve all of the anxieties and dissatisfactions which human beings appear to experience as part of their daily lives” (501). Granted, marketing is not the solution to everybody’s life woes… but what is, and how can marketing be pinpointed as the culprit that feeds society what it doesn’t want or need? It is argued in the article that marketing should aim to satisfy a state of “being” rather than continually fill gaps in peoples’ lives – be it with expensive cars, clothing and other products that we desire to purchase. “It is not problematic for the market as it is currently organized if individuals recognize that life is tedious
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Philosophy Paper - Final - 12/15/2010 PHI 101 Final...

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