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As a business major, I have seen a slew of advertisements for miscellaneous products and services, and never before have we analyzed them as creating an identity or relationship between the ad and the customer. Well, not in the sense that Fromm and Shankar speak of. By that I mean, advertisements are designed as such to give a false relationship between the product and the customer – so that they can grab the customers attention and draw them in. Ultimately though, they are just trying to sell their product. In other words, the customer isn’t kept in mind so much as the business that is selling the product is. This though, makes it as if marketing advisors and campaigns are evil though. They are just the opposite, actually – they are catering to the wants of the public. One particular ad that comes to mind is the ad for rice krispies that always appears around the holidays.
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Unformatted text preview: It emphasizes the need for child-parent communication, and reflects on current parents’ childhoods. Does one need rice krispies? Of course not. Are Kellogg’s advertisers attempting to sell more of their product by stirring up emotions in the customers, and creating relationships between the product and the customer? Sure they are. But, the underlying message is important – and perhaps some would argue that it is a necessity. It is boasting the important of human interaction, and specifically in this case, a parent-child interaction. Perhaps in this busy holiday season that gets lost in the bustle and craziness that occurs on a daily basis, and Kellogg’s is there to benefit itself, and help remind the public of an important relationship....
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