Intro Stats (3rd Edition)

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Data Analysis Project When you ask your parents for a hike in your allowance or a brand new toy, like that newly released Destruction II or the exciting set of dolls, what happens? How many times do your parents delay the request for one of those favorite playthings? If the answer to the above question is “Yes”, then the information in this article is a “must-be” for you! In many ways we have learned that today is a difficult world for you and me, but when after looking at the statistics you might want to think again. First of all, in this article titled “Where did my raise go?” the eye-catcher makes you wonder. Both of the axes in this graph are distorted, making this a deceptive statistic. Neither the graph nor the article attached attempted to tell the readers that that origin of the graph did not start at zero. The other place where a problem occurred was in the last part where the drop in salary was highlighted. I think the drop in weekly earning was overstated because I think the earning slide is just $610 Dollars per week to $600 Dollars
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