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Critical Thinking - ARE YOU A CRITICAL THINKER? 2...

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ARE YOU A CRITICAL THINKER? 2 Definition of Critical Thinking Critical thinking is an in depth process that involves assessing, clustering, analyzing, and evaluating information before coming to a conclusion or judgment. This information is based on the nurse’s knowledge, observation, clinical experience, reasoning, and once they have been a nurse long enough, their intuition. Student nurses normally begin this process by following rules and guidelines. “The way of moving from novice to becoming an expert practitioner is through the use of critical thinking” (Jarvis, 2008, p. 4). As health care continues to become more complex, nurses are required to exercise their critical thinking skills. It is an important and integral part of the nursing practice. Characteristics of Critical Thinkers There are many characteristics that are involved in the critical thinking process. Five characteristics have been identified as: setting priorities, identifying assumptions, clustering, recognizing normal from abnormal, and promoting health. It is necessary to
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Critical Thinking - ARE YOU A CRITICAL THINKER? 2...

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