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PROFESSIONALISM WITHIN THE NURSING PROFESSION Personal Definition of Professionalism The term professionalism is used when describing a person’s conduct within a particular profession. The nursing profession is one of many that require a person to behave in a particular way. An individual is expected to act responsible, appropriate, refined, and uphold the reputation of that given profession. Different Types of Professional Development In addition to the attributes listed above, I believe knowledge plays a key role in achieving a level of professionalism. For this reason, professional development programs were created. They assist nurses in maintaining a level of expertise. These programs have been designed to enhance knowledge and skills in practice, administration, research, and education (Harkreader, Hogan, & Thobaben, 2007). To mention a few of these programs, one could attend a workshop, conferences, evening courses or on-line courses offered through colleges, and even supplements in professional nursing journals. The Impact of Professional Development Activities
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Personal Definition of Professionalism -...

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