Obamas Initiatives - Chapter notes

Obamas Initiatives - Chapter notes - President Obamas I...

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Unformatted text preview: President Obamas I nitiatives: Introduction: Obama has been an activist president, first year he got done with a lot. Differences from bush and or previous administrations. Clear ideology of Obama. Taking country in the direction he thinks are best. Healthcare Issue: Obamas goal is to move America towards a universal Healthcare system. 1968 first serious proposal for it. Little by little very slowly America is moving towards that direction. Clinton Proposed a Health Bill but backed off. Obama wants to the agenda back with sincerity. Critics: Universal Healthcare system is an Assault on Individual. 40 or so countries in Universal Healthcare system, they take the profit of Health system and reduce it significantly. Very Strong forces on both sides. Regulation of Green House Gases: Republicans are fighting hard for this one. We are going to not allow Obama /EPA to regulate Carbon dioxide to be regulated coming out of Cars. Federal Government has adapted the California Standard. Basically California wanted to regulate Co2 from cars. Considered Green House Gas contributing to Global Warming. The Pollution Crosses Boundaries. I t becomes a national Issue. Thats why Federal Government Regulates. State Asks for a waiver if Federal Government accepts it than the state would have a stricter laws for environment. Bush Admin did not allow California they then sued it. And it went to Supreme Court and accepted it is a Pollutant. But also accepted its a national issue. So Bush Administration would not allow it. And so Obama grants it and t rying to regulate EPA All over the country. Make Fuel Efficient Cars that would make a change. Federal Government invested in these cars. Previously they bought GM to save it they bought 68%, and then sold it now only has 20%. Gave lots of money to the company Chrysler. Obama wants these companies to make Greener Cars. One persons arguing whats going to happen in America is Using Car Market is...
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Obamas Initiatives - Chapter notes - President Obamas I...

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