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Blackwater in Pakistan

Blackwater in Pakistan - Role of Private U.S Military...

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Role of Private U.S Military Contractors in Pakistan (Why is United States Sending Private Military Contractors into Pakistan?) Generally speaking, Pakistan got its independence 54 years ago in 1947 from the rule of Great Britain. Escaping violence and hoping for a peaceful and prosperous life for themselves and their children many Muslims migrated to Pakistan from India. However, many families fled to other countries such as United States, and other European countries (including the migrant families whose grandparents came from India), when the violence erupted in Pakistan. The country itself has a long history of violence, and now the latest threat to Pakistan is Tehreek-e- Taliban’s invasion in its North Western Frontier province. Average Pakistanis with no chance to flee the country or so called ‘patriots’ managed to live their lives despite the tensions that erupted, but this time even they seem to be distressed. The violence itself is not disturbing them, but what is causing increased alarm and concern is the presence of private military contractors in Pakistan. Up until now, all the previous wars were fought by the Pakistani army itself, and at most, the U.S’s role was just to contribute money in aid. Consequently, the question of why United States is really sending private military contractors in Pakistan arose. The common answer to this question is that the U.S government merely wants to eliminate terrorism from Pakistani soil. However, some critics (sometimes the so called ‘patriotic people’) argue that this answer is too vague, and that there must be something more to it. To them, Pakistan is an independent state which got its independence 54 years ago, and they are in support of the war against terrorism in Pakistan only through the Pakistani Army. To contribute to the answer of the question “why is U.S sending Private Military Contractors in Pakistan?” I read two documents: an article from the journal New American , “CIA Hired Blackwater for Assassinations” by the John Birch Society, and “Blackwater’s World of Warcraft” by Falcon Bruce, and Daniel
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Schulman in the journal Mother Jones . I also watched a television news documentary called
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Blackwater in Pakistan - Role of Private U.S Military...

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