History Exam 2_Scottsboro Case Review

History Exam 2_Scottsboro Case Review - Study Guide for...

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Study Guide for Exam II 1. Zimmerman Telegram (Note) - Message sent from Germany to a German minister in DC. Proposed Mexico enter an alliance with Germany. It says that it will restore all the land that the US took from Mexico in the 1840’s- TX, NM, CA, & AZ. This was the final straw for the US. They wanted to make the world safe for democracy. 2. WWI - “The Great War”- Lesson 7 , the event that triggered WWI was the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand who was killed by a Serbian nationalist. Austria- Hungry & Germany (allies) sent Serbia an ultimatum- there was no compromise and war was declared July 28, 1914. 3. Schlieffen Plan - Germany began invading Belgium on August 13, 1914, the plan was to have a series of lightening thrusts that would bring about the Russian defeat w/in 32 days and they predicted that Great Britain would enter the War if they invaded Belgium. There were flaws because in the big picture Germany didn’t believe that the United States would ever enter the war. Also called for Germany to invade France through Belgium to avoid France’s army lines. Germany asked for permission to cross into Belgium and they said no. Belgium put up a fierce resistance and slowed them down and gave Great Britain and France enough time to gather forces. And Russia was so large it took them a long time to mobilize their forces- thus Germany was wrong. 4. Verdun - February 1916, Germany wanted to find a place that France would defend at all Costs, they would attack that place over and over again- this will lead to death which will lead to Germany winning. Germany decided on Verdun- Lasted 4 months, 2 Million Troops & 215,000 French die. Great Britain made them deal with colonial holdings. Nothing happened in the war, the front had not moved, but the town was destroyed. 5. Lusitania - May 7, 1915- Germany knew that a luxury ship was carrying ammunitions & supplies headed for allies, Germany had already warned Americans not to go onto the ship because they will sink it. When it was torpedoed 128 Americans were killed- Americans were outraged- but they still didn’t go to way. Wilson sent two messages with demands and Germany suspended un-restricted warfare. “Unrestricted Submarine Warfare” - all enemy ships that entered the zone would be torpedoes without warning, and neutral ships would not be guaranteed safe passage. It was intended to terrorize & intimidate its enemies until it could build enough ships to enforce its threats. The Sussex pledge- where Germany pledged to stop sinking all merchant and passenger ships w/out warning 6. Woodrow Wilson & his 14 points - Wilson’s main reason to get involved in war was to control peace terms. He thought he could single handedly determine the fate of the globe- but he couldn’t dictate peace in Versailles. None of his ideas
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were realized because he let all of his ideas become known. Only League of Nations happened- Senate didn’t ratify so it did not join the League of Nations. It was weak, ineffective and couldn’t deal with Hitler in the 1930’s. 14 points was
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History Exam 2_Scottsboro Case Review - Study Guide for...

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