Question and Answers on Imperialism

Question and Answers on Imperialism - To what degree was/is...

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To what degree was/is the US an imperialist nation? You may want to include a Discussion of imperialism in reference to: the Spanish-American war, Hawaii, Latin America, WWI, WWII, the Cold War, Iran, Guatemala, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. What is America’s? Role in the world in the 21st century? How do people in the rest of the world view this? American Government has used Imperialism (Either through direct control or indirect political control over other nations) as a tool for prosperity and stability for a very long time, and even today it is easy to prove that America is using Imperial tactics for its own personal benefits and or for the benefits of its allies. Traces and evidence of imperialistic practice of American government could be found starting right after the independence of America to 2009. Every time the practice was justified with different reasons and names. Depending on what is the situation, and who is the opposing force American government justified its actions accordingly. For example early in the years Americans called it Manifest destiny, than it was called freedom and peace for the world which was fight against Axis forces during world war 1 than against Hitler and allies, and later went against communism in later decades and proxy wars across the world was faught, and now it could be said that the imperialism is being justified by the name of war on terror. It is ironic that American independence was out frustration amongst the settlers which was caused by British imperialistic actions, but then America as an independent nation itself used the same practice under different banners. It can be said the for a longer time of period U.S was being controlled by only people of Anglo and Caucasian race, and considered that they themselves were Americans only. Everyone else who was UN American either around the world or within United States of America was being treated ill. Within United States Massacres and bloodshed of Native Americans occurred many times within U.S for gaining resources and taking overland and they were easily justified, while on the other hand African Americans were being used as slaves till 1865 and even after for a certain period of time with loopholes. In 1890s if we look at Wounded Knee massacre in South Dakota it we could say that it was a justified imperialistic practice since Native Americans were killed without any reason (or simply because a deaf man who couldn’t hear not putting up his rifle). That was just one of the examples for what was happening with Native Americans. Other events could be found such as killing of all the buffalos, banning ghost dance movements and
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Question and Answers on Imperialism - To what degree was/is...

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