Weekly Response Question Answer for Oedepus Rex

Weekly Response Question Answer for Oedepus Rex - Umer...

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Umer Hasan English 1304 February 21, 2009 Mr.Bradford Telford Weekly Response Question 1: Oedipus Rex Answer 1) the exposition: The play starts with the outside of Oedipus’ palace, where Oedipus asks the Children and the priest about their problems. The Priests replies that they are cursed, and are in problems (i.e. their live stock and crops are destroyed, people are sick, and their women don’t bear children). In line 27 (Scene 1) the priest says “…rust consumes the buds and fruits of the earth: the herds are sick: children die unborn, and labor is vain”. In the mentioned quote mentioned problems are described. Oedipus tells them that he has sent his brother in Law (Kreon) to the temple of Apollo for asking how the city can be raised from distress. Later Kreon arrives with the news that they have to find out the person who killed the previous king (Laius) in order for removing the curse from the town. In line 98 (Scene 1) Kreon says “In plain words the gods commands us to expel from the land of Thebes an old defilement we are sheltering. It is deathly thing, beyond cure”. These were the words of Kreon and he said this on the behalf of the knowledge he got from the temple. Later it was revealed that more than one man was involved in the killings and no witness survived except one. Oedipus now takes the responsibility for finding the murderers which will help the city and him (through helping the dead king). Than Oedipus and Kreon enter the Palace and the Priests keeps their hope alive expecting the help of God. Answer2) Teiresias enters the stage and upon being asked about the murderer he says “How
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Weekly Response Question Answer for Oedepus Rex - Umer...

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