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Name: Section: TA: Quiz #1 (1) (3 pt) A system that does no work but which transfers heat to the surrounding has (a) q<0, Δ E >0, (b) q<0, Δ E <0, (c) q>0, Δ E >0, (d) q>0, Δ E <0 (2) (3 pt) Calculate Δ E for a system that absorbs 195 J of heat while 217 J of work is done on it. (3) (4 pt) A system expands from a volume of 1.00 L to 3.00 L against a constant external
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Unformatted text preview: pressure of 1.00 atm. The work (w) done by the system, in J, is: (Conversion: 101.3 J per l.atm) (4) (5 pt) 30.0 mL of pure water at 280 K is mixed with 50.0 mL of pure water at 330 K. What is the final temperature of the mixture?...
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