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pg1 - 7 EXAM#2 MMlOl P1 M “Rem the“ SECT H03 1 a If the...

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Unformatted text preview: @ 7 EXAM #2 MMlOl P1. M/ “Rem the“ SECT. H03 1. a. If the tangent line to y=f(x) at (4,3) passes through the point (0,2) find f ‘(4) b. Find the derivative of f(x)=(1+2x)“2 ,using the definition of derivative. Show all work. No credit will be given for using derived formulas. t . <11 ate-em .- My) _ F W! filw’LQ/Z “T“ K}, (“NWT — (ieztj’? ' /%fl»h/f K P) W"- \l l-FZx C. Findthe limit 7- )9; x2 2H3 @ dfifimi r I I ' I. . nEFJ:-nnt11' ...
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