Changing Perspective Paper

Changing Perspective Paper - Changing Perspective Paper...

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Changing Perspective Paper Rebecca Jones PSY/220 Week 6 Assignment
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Abstract: When looking at things from different perspectives, it is important to remember the different outlooks people can have on different situations. I chose the different perspectives people can have on material things, from clothes to electronics and other material things. Changing Perspectives I have run across different situations where friends of mine are more enthused with having all the expensive things and living above their means. I recently experienced the scenario with my mom and my dad’s best friend. My dad’s best friend’s home burned to the ground and he recently had a new home built. My parents took a trip to his house to check out the new home. My mother is the type of person who does not get impressed off of materialistic things and did not enjoy her time there because his wife was rambling on about how much the appliances costs and how much better the new home was then the old home. My aunt and uncle showed up a little later and she began to do the same thing to her, my aunt was amazed at how expensive the things costs and began to ramble on with the wife on how she must enjoy that her dryer sings a song after the cycle is finished. My mom then said; “What is the big deal? The dryer sings it is the same as the dryer making a buzzing noise after the cycle is done!” The wife then came back with; “Sounds like you got jealousy within you”, my mama then was ready to leave. I understood why she was offended but did not understand why she was not impressed with the new things they had. When I asked her why she felt the way she did, she replied with; I do not understand why people cannot appreciate the simple things and spend the money a little wiser. I responded with; they never
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Changing Perspective Paper - Changing Perspective Paper...

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