Platyhelminthes ribbon worms predation with

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Unformatted text preview: oans (Ectoprocts) suspension feeding, use lophophore • Platyhelminthes • Ribbon worms predation with hydrostatic skeleton, shoot out • Annelids segmentation o Polychaetes feather duster worm suspension feeding o Clitellates earthworms deposit feeding • Molluscs o Bivalves o Gastropods o Cephalopods o Chitons Ecdysozoa • Nematodes • Horsehair worms (not covered) • Onychophorans • Arthropods o Crustacea Decapods o Myriapods o Chelicerates Spiders Scorpions o Hexapods Hymenoptera Lepidoptera Coleoptera o LS1 o Deuterostomes Echinodermata • Sea Stars • Sea urchins • Sea cucumbers Chordates (see below- moved for space) • Chordates o Urochordata (tunicates) Craniata • Vertebrata o Chondrichthyes o Actinopterygii o Tetrapods Amphibians Reptiles • Birds Mammals • Prototherians • Metatherians • Eutherians...
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