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Generation haploid mycellia and diploid mycelia have

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Unformatted text preview: he only fungi with alternation of generation, haploid mycellia and diploid, mycelia have multicellular hyphae: 1 cell wide, high SA/V o Basidiomycota mushroom, have dikaryotic stage; EMF o Ascomycota ascocus cup like spore producing body; EMF; • Choanoflagellates protists, similar to sponges, filter feeding, have flagella to create water current • Animals (Metazoans) water filtering • Porifera o Glass sponges six pointed Si spicules; o Demosponges Si spicules o Calcareous sponges CaCO3 spicules • Ctenophora comb jelly fish; buoyant in the water, with mesoglea; diplobastic • Cnidaria diplobastic, radial symmetry; have medusa and polyp phases o Anthozoans medusa (sessile) dominant, ex corals, o Scyphozoans polyp phase dominant, ex jelly fish, o Hydrozoans simple phases, include the only fresh water organisms in cnidaria ex hydra • Bilateria bilateral symmetry, cephalization, o Protostome Lophotrochozoa either have lophophores or trochophore (wheel bearing larvae) • Bryoz...
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