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LS1W11Exam1AKey - LS1 Winter11 VERSION A Name ID_KEY Dont...

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LS1 Winter11 Name & ID _____ KEY ______________________ 1 of 11 VERSION A • Don’t open your exam until instructed to. • Write your name and student number on every page of the test before handing in the test. You will lose 5 points if you don’t! Enter your name, uid, and which version of the exam you have on the scantron. You will lose 5 points if you don’t! Use a pencil on the multiple choice; pen or pencil on the short answer. • Mark scantrons neatly, one answer per question. Erase changes completely. • Answer written questions in space provided. Do not write on the back, in the margins, or in space allotted for another question. Only answers on the front side of pages will be graded. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you must cross something out and run out of space to answer the question in the space provided, you must request another blank exam page. No electronic devices at your desk, including calculators and cell phones. No food, no bottles with labels. If you need to use the restroom, turn in your exam to a TA. Only one student may leave at a time. You may not leave the room with any electronic devices. Circle your section Monday Tuesday Wednesday YH2343 SH2870 YH2343 SH2870 YH2343 SH2870 1A: 12:00 Mika 2A: 2:00 Mika 1B: 12:00 Brittany 2A: 2:00 Brittany 1C: 10:00 Gary 1D: 12:00 Gary 1E: 2:00 Gary 2C: 10:00 Kyle 2D: 12:00 Jordan 1E: 12:00 Brendan 1F: 8:00 Brendan 2F: 10:00 Brendan 1H: 12:00 Brittany 2H: 2:00 Brittany 1G: 10:00 Jordan 2G: 2:00 Jordan 1I: 12:00 Kyle 2I: 2:00 Kyle • Good luck! I hereby certify that I have neither given nor received any aid on this exam, and that I have read and understand the instructions above. Sign your name here:_____________________________________
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LS1 Winter11 Name & ID _____ KEY ______________________ 2 of 11 Exam is 180 pts total Part 1 Multiple Choice. 26 questions, 4 pts each 1) For a biologist studying a large population of fish in the lab, which Hardy-Weinberg condition is easiest to meet? A) random mating B) no selection C) no gene flow D) no mutation E) no genetic drift 2) Why doesn't inbreeding, by itself, cause evolution? 3) Why would gene duplication events, such as those seen in the Hox gene complex, set the stage for adaptive radiation? A) There are more copies of genes, meaning speciation had occurred by polyploidy. B) One copy of a gene can perform the original function while other copies are available to take on new functions. C) The original gene copy is the outgroup, and the new gene copies are the adaptive radiation. D) Without duplicated genes, species would be vulnerable to extinction. 4) Natural selection is a random process A) true B) false
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