Mid-Term (MGMT 241)

Mid-Term (MGMT 241) - Assessment

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Unformatted text preview: Assessment http://bsuonline.bowiestate.edu/Section/Assessment/Delivery/AssessmentAll.aspx?entryId=1024B7E1F2A046E69DF7DE0514C0BA3E[10/19/2010 8:19:06 AM] 1. The highest level of team autonomy is found in ____. A) reciprocal work teams B) self-designing teams C) self-managing teams D) employee involvement teams E) semi-autonomous work groups 2. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the construction of tunnels is one the greatest challenges encountered during road construction. The technique of tunneling has not kept pace with the development of other technical fields. The USDOT has created a national team of tunnel experts to develop road tunnel engineering principles and maintenance practices in the United States through the use of telecommunications and information technology. This group of tunnel experts will comprise a(n) ____. A) multifunctional team B) virtual team C) self-directed team D) normative team E) ad hoc team 3. Japanese-based Honda Motors recently opened a manufacturing plant in China. The Chinese balked at wearing the standard Honda white uniforms because white in China is a funeral color. Honda liked the white uniforms because they conveyed the idea of cleanliness. The Chinese workers agreed to wear the white uniforms if they could wear gray caps. The compromise made everyone happy. This cultural sensitivity is an example of how ____ influences organizations. A) cultural disparity B) multiculturalism C) affirmative action D) proactive segmentation E) diversity 4. Affirmative action programs are typically designed to ____. A) be punitive B) protect white, non-Hispanic Americans C) create homogeneous diversity D) compensate for past discrimination E) do all of these 5. To which of the following aspects of the human resource management process does federal employment law apply? A) all of these B) compensation decisions C) performance appraisals D) selection decisions E) training and development activities 6. A(n) ____ function is an activity that contributes directly to creating or selling the company's products. A) mechanistic B) staff C) charted D) line E) organic 7. Affective conflict ____. A) usually precedes cognitive conflict B) is strongly associated with improvements in team performance Assessment http://bsuonline.bowiestate.edu/Section/Assessment/Delivery/AssessmentAll.aspx?entryId=1024B7E1F2A046E69DF7DE0514C0BA3E[10/19/2010 8:19:06 AM] C) is accurately described by all of these D) can make people more comfortable with their relationships with group peers E) typically decreases team cohesiveness 8. With divisions that focus on business clients and consumer clients, companies like Sprint, American Express, and others are examples of ____ departmentalization....
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Mid-Term (MGMT 241) - Assessment

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