Mid-Term C (MKTG 231)

Mid-Term C (MKTG 231) - Assessment MKTG 231 Mid-Term Exam C...

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http://bsuonline.bowiestate.edu/Section/Assessment/Delivery/AssessmentAll.aspx?entryId=4B788CE514FD4D7F8708762CCD7A5EFC[11/23/2010 10:52:17 AM] 1. The product life cycle is so named because it is similar to the premise underlying the concept of any life cycle. The unit of interest is born, it grows for some time, and it reaches some level of maturity and stability before dying. A) True B) False 2. To leave her neighborhood, Keisha has to drive through a construction area that is riddled with metal pieces and nails with the potential to puncture her tires. She got another flat tire just yesterday. The flat caused her to miss an important appointment with a prospective customer. Keisha does not know Michelin has introduced PAX tires, which can keep rolling smoothly up to 120 miles, even if completely deflated by a puncture. For Keisha, Michelin PAX tires are a(n) _____ product because she doesn't know the product exists. A) unsought B) convenience C) exclusive D) specialty E) heterogeneous shopping 3. The most important functions of packaging are to contain and protect products, promote products, facilitate product storage, and facilitate recycling. A) True B) False 4. Like any business, nonprofit organizations measure their success or failure in strictly financial terms. A) True B) False 5. Satek has developed a wireless speaker that sits unobtrusively on a desktop. The tiny, yet strong twin speakers use Bluetooth to stream music directly from your PC or MP3 player. This small Satek wireless speaker, which is radically different from anything currently on the market, would be classified as a(n): A) slow-diffusing product B) discontinuous innovation C) episodic innovation D) sporadic innovation E) venture product 6. The Ritzy Canine The Ritzy Canine Carriage House looks like several other Manhattan boutique hotels. The lobby features a crystal chandelier, brocade-patterned wallpaper, gold-framed mirrors, and antique chairs. Room service and salon service are available as well as exercise facilities. There is also a masseuse on staff. Dogs are the only guests, and hopefully they appreciate the video and video player in the $175-a-night Windsor suite. Without extras, a one-day visit will cost $33 to $38, depending on the size of the dog. The Ritzy Canine is a high-end doggy care center. In a world where people work long hours and take longer to settle down, they do not mind spending money on their dogs. Refer to The Ritzy Canine. What type of promotion strategy would you expect Ritzy Canine to use? A) creating a strong organizational image B) engaging in postpurchase research C) using motivational behavior D) forging prepurchase commitments E) using outsourced information sources 7. Boutique Hotels
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Mid-Term C (MKTG 231) - Assessment MKTG 231 Mid-Term Exam C...

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