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Jeffy John Parisa Taheri Myoung Hoon Chu Daljit Kaur Hsinwen Ni Jeffery Matthews Prof. Passero FCSP 105 Chapter 14 Outline Key concepts Inform: To inform is to convey a message or information to a group of people about any topic. This will help the audience understand the topic and also will enhance their knowledge. Types of Informative Presentations: 1. Presentation about an object: An individual basically gives a description of an object. He talks about the objects origin, its use, how it was made or the history behind the object. Also the description should be clear and legible to the audience. So that audience can understand the information and grasp them quickly. 2. Presentation about procedure: A procedure is basically steps that one has to follow in order to create something that he/she desires. Here are some examples of procedure: - How to set an account in Facebook.
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- How to write a persuasive essay. - How to construct a building. - How to deal with bankruptcy - How to deal with identity theft. - How to get a job as Lawyer. There are endless examples for procedures. Almost everything that we do in this world requires certain procedures. There is another method an individual can use to describe a procedure to the audience. He/she can refer to the acronym “T-E-A-C-H” which literally stands for “Tell- Example-Apply-Coach-Help”. Tell : The lecturer (informative speaker) give a description about the procedure and describes the various aspects of the topic. Example: The speaker gives an example of the procedure in order to guide the audience in the right path, so that they can understand the procedure. Apply: Provide the audience with an opportunity to perform the procedure in order to enhance their knowledge practically. Coach:
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Chap 14 outline - Jeffy John Parisa Taheri Myoung Hoon Chu...

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