Chapter 18 Outline

Chapter 18 Outline - NOTES FOR BIOLOGY 1002 DR STEVEN...

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Unformatted text preview: NOTES FOR BIOLOGY 1002 DR. STEVEN POMARICO CHAPTER 18 Systematics: Seeking Order Amidst Diversity A way of grouping the organisms that reflects the phylogeny Organisms are arranged or grouped by the science of taxonomy--- Taxonomy is the branch of biology concerned with naming and classifying the diverse forms of life. Organizing or grouping things helps in dealing with them. Example: Grocery store or your closet The same idea holds true for the study of life. There are many ways that things may be grouped Plants verses animals One of the early classification systems placed the animals in one group and the plants in another. The bacteria, fungi and many protists were considered plants while some of the protists were grouped with the animals. The origins of taxonomy date back to Aristotle. However the foundation for modern classification, binomial nomenclature , was developed by Linnaeus in the 1700's. Organisms are classified or grouped into categories. These categories are further divided into smaller and smaller groupings creating an organizational hierarchy . The lowest two categories of the taxonomic hierarchy (genus and species) make up the scientific name for an organism. 1 Example: Homo sapiens The genus name is capitalized and the species name begins with a lowercase letter. The scientific name is usually underlined or italicized . The major taxonomic categories from most inclusive (biggest set) to least inclusive (smallest set) are: Domain Kingdom Phylum/Division Class Order Family Genus Species Use a phrase (mnemonic device) to help you remember the order of these categories. D o K nowledgeable P olitical C andidates O ften F orget G eneral S ubjects--- Systematics is the field of biology that uses phylogeny to categorize the diversity of living organisms....
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Chapter 18 Outline - NOTES FOR BIOLOGY 1002 DR STEVEN...

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