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ONLINE COURSE QUIZ 1. What is the policy on late work for this online course? What is the policy about make up exams? All assignments must be turned in on time and late work is not accepted. There are no make up exams. 2. If I choose to wait until close to the deadline and I experience computer/ISP difficulties, what is the policy on late work? The work will still be counted as late, and will receive a zero. 3. What is the importance of regularly checking my email account? The importance of checking your email is because it is the means of communication between you and the professor and the way they notify you of changes in class assignments or schedules. 4. What is the instructor’s email address? What other method could be used to contact the instructor? [email protected] , or you can be contacted by phone at (918)293-4796, or in your office during office hours posted on the door at NCAT 212D. 5. When is the first exam scheduled?
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Unformatted text preview: It will be open from September 22 through September 26 6. What day and time do most exams start? When do they end? Note: Not specific days, but what day of the week. Start on Wednesday at noon and end on Sunday at 11:30 pm. 7. What day of the week (just name the day, not specific dates) and time are the assignments due? Sundays no later than 11:30 pm. 8. How are assignments submitted? What methods are not acceptable? Assignments are submitted in rich text format in the dropbox feature. 9. Where is the calendar feature located and what is listed on the calendar? The calendar feature is located at the top of the page. All your open and close dates for assignments are listed on the calendar. 10. Is it OK to copy/paste from articles already written on the internet for my assignments? If not, what is the penalty? No it is not ok. All plagiarized papers will receive a zero, with no exceptions....
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