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Software Development: Gas Calculation Learning Team B University of Phoenix PRG/210 Introduction The Gas Calculation Project has been awarded to our software development team that in return will write a program that will calculate the sales of gas at the pumps. This will be done by offering leaded and unleaded gas along with two offerings, “Gas-n-Go” and “Full- Service”. The purchase of gas, whether leaded or unleaded needs a calculation of a federal sales tax on the gas purchased only, along with a calculation of a sales tax that does not include the federal tax amount. In addition to this, if the customer chooses the “Gas-n-Go” or the “Full-Service” program, those charges are also calculated with the sales tax on this amount. Problem Statement The problem at hand is the issue of creating a program for the customer’s business. The customer is asking for a program that will calculate the charges that are accumulated through the gas pump. The program must determine the available option of service as well as type of gasoline being purchased, and then calculate state and federal taxes to come to a final total. The must be able to distinguish between options being selected in order to calculate the proper price for service selected, type of gasoline selected, amount of gasoline and then apply the state and federal taxed for total amount due to the customer.
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the customer options when selection how he/she wished to receive fuel and which type of fuel. State and federal taxes are applied to every service not matter what service is selected. The program needs to be versatile enough to work on different locations in order to be used throughout the customer’s company. The program needs to be as accurate as possible and tested so there are no errors with the calculations. In order to be up to government regulation the calculations needs to be accurate so that taxes are not overcharged and the correct amount of gas is being calculated for the customer. Testing should be done by several individuals to check for accuracy in programming as well as application functions. The inputs in this project will be: • The price of the leaded and unleaded gas. • The percentage of the federal sales tax. • The service charge for the “Gas-n-Go” program. • The service charge for the “Full-Service” program.
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Software Development - Software Development: Gas...

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