Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision - Strategic Vision: route a company...

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Strategic Vision : route a company intends to take in developing and strengthening its business. It lays out the company’s strategic course in preparing for the future. Provides a panoramic view of “where are we going?” Points an organization in particular direction. Charts a strategic path Molds organizational identity Clear Articulate Vision – communicates the managerial aspirations to the shareholders and helps steer the energies of company personnel in common direction. Distinctive and specific- avoid generic and feel good statements Functions as a valuable managerial tool: 1. illuminate the company’s directional path 2. Provide managers with a reference point for making strategic decisions and preparing the company for the future. Must say something definitive about the company’s future product/market/customer/technology focus. Characteristics of effective worded vision statement: Graphic- kind of company, the management is trying create and the market position they want to achieve Directional- forward-looking; describes the strategic course and kind of product/
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Strategic Vision - Strategic Vision: route a company...

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