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Discussion Question 1 - Technology, such as personal...

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Technology, such as personal digital assistants, MP3 players, the Internet, and text messaging are changing the face of business communication. Do you think businesses effectively utilize these resources to communicate? I believe some businesses utilize technology resources extremely effectively. However, many businesses “think” they are utilizing these technologies to the extreme and in reality they are not utilizing the technology effectively. What I mean by this statement is that some businesses do not have the whole package to be effective with its technologies. A server is a must have if a business wants to be effective with technology. I have worked for some businesses that did not have a server, yet the owner expected the results of a server from their systems. A smaller business may not have the capital to utilize some of the technologies available; however, some of the business owners do not understand, not only do they not have the capital; they really do not need the technology. The technology a business desires needs to also be in line with the need for
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Discussion Question 1 - Technology, such as personal...

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