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:ll'".- h.lEonic tim rlepddenc md rhar . =.o=.on*m! oubidc ' Exdpl€ 2: cotrids ihs otding of s iine hamdi. &o16tic w.w by a! inhomosmeity, Tle.@udtc prudm n U ? stisne, qitl;n ihe t8ljrMl -6r inor rcoBiic, ibe *aE auttjon /" r"*la,a a"+i"=o;'n", (r.r) sisdd se.e.rlor l-25 M||l qhae d > 0 is tbe usde nequsry oI iha . = c(,) k the pmpas'iion Epeed. A$une bunded st ,. R', We shall d6ob *=t'('+s(r) tats1)nl!)ds' ExpaDdiDs the iDi€slrl li.mel in Tayl ihdsymDbtics,llytbe&trigedpdBd|dElom ia",'z .,. .J,.,.- ,: - -or in r t!.d o1 vhe( * = d/q is ihe wM Nnb$ and q n a omFctlt sltpoited pertuF batio. deffned as .* ci ..i.)_ r.i. ..i.,c atn-;ftF t ii.r' ,&sune ilar * ssd in s plde nE,0 h,ali's in the dndion o € S. fri an qLir.!,,X Ttu! lLe btal6dd fi decomDG€d re ,-""r"_, " ,s c^prt "G)=",(')+,*(,)="'tu-+q.G), laya a.d n6r 6r wber the *dihred fierd !- r.tds d€ sdnmdrerd rsdiatior condii on lih; s l"'_ rjo l"^-' {u, l-0, r lrl (r1 Thc 6eld u saiidld tbe Lippmon Schvjns ineErdi cqlatio! (r€. p-".1 c' '(t{P laJ 4n=qt,) ; l" 0) . f:.J!rse iL r,. .re f'"br''r 1\" ir.'. f,rtcr f,o+lr'n u€ ?. In!{.:e n3d 'rd Frobren +\. lo. I,"ld PoH." L'& "-ti) = -h" 1". ', \ki"\,,a. \nvc-e P.oLreo(3): (r.4)
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This note was uploaded on 03/14/2011 for the course MATH 676 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '08 term at Colorado State.

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inverse_lecture3 - ' e.eili ) I J -"r$ r r o : ou^4 )...

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