Chapter 13 Test A

Chapter 13 Test A - Chapter 13 Test A 1 Which of the...

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1 Chapter 13 Test A 1. Which of the following is not a source of mutual fund returns a. dividend income b. capital gains c. changes in NAV d. changes in IDB e. All of the above are sources of mutual fund returns 2. Mutual funds do not offer a. automatic reinvestment plans. b. guaranteed performance. c. regular income programs. d. conversion privileges. e. retirement plans. 3. The ____ is a service offered by mutual funds that helps an investor earn compound interest on their investments. a. retirement plan b. automatic withdrawal plan c. automatic reinvestment plan d. conversion privilege e. automatic investment plan 4. If you are a mutual fund investor who needs steady income, you might take advantage of a fund's a. retirement plans. b. exchange privileges. c. automatic reinvestment plans. d. systematic withdrawal plans. e. none of these. 5. A group of funds managed by a single company which offers conversion privileges is called a a. management group. b. fund family. c. brokerage group. d. switched funds. e. convenience group. 6. Future fund performance is the real key to investment success with mutual funds. One important element to examine when attempting to predict a fund's future performance is the a. performance of other funds. b.
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Chapter 13 Test A - Chapter 13 Test A 1 Which of the...

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