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Chapter 10 Test A

Chapter 10 Test A - Chapter 10 Test A 1 An automobile...

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1 Chapter 10 Test A 1. An automobile covered under a policy with a $500 collision deductible is damaged in a collision with a fence. It could be repaired for $15,000, replacement cost is $25,000, and the depreciation and physical condition deduction is $5,000. How much will the insurance company pay? a. $24,500 b. $7,500 c. $15,000 d. $14,500 e. Some other amount 2. All property insurance companies require you to show the following when making a claim: 3. The asset most likely to be specifically itemized in a property insurance endorsement is 4. Your standard HO policy will not include coverage for damage done by a. flood. b. windstorm. c. falling objects. d. wind. e. theft. 5. A standard HO policy covers damage from most weather-related perils except 6. A liability suit could result when a. lightning strikes your home. b. your son falls down the stairs of your home. c. your auto is stolen. d. your dog bites the neighbor. e. smoke from the fireplace fills your house.
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