Chapter 06 Test A

Chapter 06 Test A - Chapter 6 Test A 1 The following are...

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1 Chapter 6 Test A 1. The following are methods used to obtain personal information for identity theft except : a. lost or stolen wallet/credit card b. family, friends, acquaintances c. corrupt employees d. stolen mail e. all the above are methods used 2. The 5 Cs of Credit include all of the following except a. cash. b. capital . c. character. d. collateral. e. capacity. 3. All of the following are useful ways to build a strong credit rating except a. Open checking and savings accounts. b. Open and use a charge account. c. Apply for a long-term loan and occasionally be late with a payment. d. Make payments on time. e. Talk with the lender if you foresee difficulty in making a payment. 4. In order to establish her own credit history a woman should a. use her legal name. b. use her husband's name. c. file a credit report with her husband. d. use a social title, such as "Mrs. Jennifer Winson". e. none of these 5. The General Motors card and Citibank's Drivers Edge card are examples of ____ cards. a. debit b. rebate c. prestige d. travel and entertainment e. retail 6. If the information on your credit report is in dispute, you are entitled to a. correct it. b. sue.
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Chapter 06 Test A - Chapter 6 Test A 1 The following are...

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