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CHEM 111 Chapter 10 Objectives (Chang 10) Dr. Gnezda Be able to do the following: Section 10.1: Molecular Geometry and VSEPR 1. Assign electron and molecular geometries (sketches and names) to ions and molecules from Lewis structures using the VSEPR model. 2. Know the repulsive force order: lone pair-lone pair repulsion > lone pair-bonded repulsion > bonded pair-bonded pair repulsion 3. Use the repulsive force order to predict relative distortions from ideal geometric bond angles for molecules with one or more lone pairs on the central atom. For example, H–C–H bond angle in CH 4 > H–N–H bond angle in NH 3 > H–O–H bond angle in H 2 O. Section 10.2: Dipole Moments 4. From the molecular shape and relative electronegativities of the atoms involved, predict whether or not a molecule will have an overall dipole moment. Based on overall dipole moment, classify a molecule as polar or nonpolar. Sections 10.3 and 10.4: Valence Bond Theory and Hybridization
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