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Chap 9 Obj Chang10 F09

Chap 9 Obj Chang10 F09 - octets and odd electron molecules...

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CHEM 111 Chapter 9 Objectives (Chang 10) Dr Gnezda Be able to do the following: 1. Write Lewis dot symbols for atoms and ionic compounds. 2. Define and/or explain the following terms: ionic bond, lattice energy, bond order, electronegativity, Lewis structure, resonance, coordinate covalent bond, bond dissociation energy. 3. Know that lattice energy of ionic compounds increases with increasing "+" and "–" charges on the ions in the compound. 4. Know that bond energy (bond strength) increases with increasing bond order, while bond length decreases with increasing bond order. 5. Know the periodic trends in electronegativity values. 6. Predict the relative polarities of covalent bonds between pairs of atoms given their electronegativities. 7. Write Lewis structures for neutral compounds and ions containing covalent bonds. 8. Know the following exceptions to the octet rule as it applies to Lewis structures: incomplete octets, expanded
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Unformatted text preview: octets, and odd electron molecules. 9. Know how to determine formal charges for atoms in molecules and ions. 10. Write resonance forms for molecules or polyatomic ions that are not adequately described by a single Lewis structure. 11. Using formal charges, determine which of several possible resonance structures are more favorable. 12. Relate bond enthalpies to bond strengths. 13. Given a chemical reaction and a table of bond dissociation energies, use bond dissociation energies to estimate H ∆ rxn . Assigned problems to work (These problems will not be collected): 9.1, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, 9.6, 9.16, 9.18, 9.20, 9.21, 9.28, 9.30, 9.31, 9.33, 9.34, 9.40, 9.44, 9.46, 9.48, 9.52, 9.54, 9.56, 9.58, 9.60, 9.62, 9.64, 9.70, 9.72(a), 9.80, 9.98, 9.100, 9.106, 9.116...
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