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Map Quiz #1 Study Guide

Map Quiz #1 Study Guide - Germany Scotland Poland Wales...

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Map Quiz #1 Study Guide Cities Mountain Ranges Peninsulas London Alps Iberian Athens Pyrenees Balkan Paris Carpathians Scandinavian Madrid Apennines Jutland Rome Berlin Warsaw Amsterdam Copenhagen Rivers Seas Islands Thames Mediterranean Corsica Seine North Greenland Rhine Baltic Sicily Danube Aegean Subregions Countries Bavaria
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Unformatted text preview: Germany Scotland Poland Wales France Greece Iceland Norway Sweden Finland Switzerland Romania Hungary Former Yugoslavian states (each one) • Most features can be found on pp. 244-5 in your textbook • Map of former Yugoslavia is found on p. 295...
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  • Spring '11
  • Mittens
  • Geography, London Athens Paris Madrid Rome Berlin Warsaw Amsterdam Copenhagen Rivers Thames Seine Rhine Danube Subregions Bavaria Scotland Wales Mountain Ranges Alps Pyrenees Carpathians Apennines Peninsulas Iberian Balkan Scandinavian Jutland, Carpathians Apennines Peninsulas, Seine Rhine Danube

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