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Glossary-Africa-2010 - A Glossary of African Mythological...

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A Glossary of African Mythological Figures Iyangura - paternal aunt and foster mother of Mwindo (Nyanga myth) Kahindo -Daughter of Master Muisa, Lord of the Underworld (Nyanga myth). Mwindo cured her yaws (skin disease). Master Muisa –ruler of the underworld (Nyanga myth). He forced Mwindo to undergo trials (the banana plantation, the honeybee nest) before he would give up Mwindo’s father to him. Mwindo -great hero of the Nyanga people. In the epic he succeeded his father Shemwindo as chief of the village of Tubondo, but only after many trials. His father tried three times to kill him when he was an infant, and he went to live in a neighboring village with his aunt Iyangura. With the help of his maternal uncles he came back to his native village, and destroyed it. His father escaped to the underworld, but Mwindo followed him and after undergoing trials, eventually brought him back. There followed a peaceful succession.
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