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A Glossary of Mythological Figures from the Americas Bearers, Begetter, Makers, Modellers -four of the creator gods of the Maya. See also Heart of Sky, Plumed Serpent. Blood Woman -daughter of Blood Gatherer, one of the Lords of the Underworld (Maya myth). She visited the calabash plant that had upon it the head of One Hunahpu, and interacted with the head. It spat into her hand and made her pregnant. Her father, incensed because she refused to name the father, had her “sacrificed” by the 4 messenger owls of the Underworld, and they provided for her a false heart made of aromatic sap to give to the Lords of the Underworld. She then went to live with the Grandmother, and gave birth to twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque. Corn Lady- figure in Seminole myth/legend, who produces corn by rubbing her legs. She steals a baby, raises it by feeding it corn, and then gives up the child when he learns her secrets. The Seminoles saw corn growing at the place where her huts had been burned down by her surrogate son, and they took over the planting of corn. Earth Initiate -creator figure in Maidu myth. He gets mud from the Earth-Diver turtle and creates land. He makes humans out of red clay and the sweat from his body. He instructs Kuksu on how to youthen himself. Father of the Secret Society - in Maidu myth, present with Turtle from the beginning of creation. He is a supervising figure in creation. Heart of Sky (Thunderbolts) -One of the chief gods of the Maya, involved in creation and in sending storms. He is associated with the hurricane and with three different kinds of thunderbolt. See also Plumed Serpent. Kuksu
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Glossary-Americas-2010 - A Glossary of Mythological Figures...

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