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Glossary of Legends/Myths of Beowulf and Arthur Aeschere- Beloved advisor of Hrothgar; killed by Grendel’s mother. Arthur -son of Uther Pendragon and Igraine; king of England and head of the Knights of the Round Table. He and his court epitomized the code of chivalry, and yet his life and death were tragic. His wife Guenevere committed adultery, and he was cut down in battle by his own son (or nephew), Mordred. Excalibur was his sword in the later part of his life and until his death/departure for Avalon. Bedivere , Sir -one of the knights of the Round Table, close to Arthur at the time he was dying. Bedivere was the one who threw Excalibur back to the Lady of the Lake. Beowulf -great hero and king of the Geats (modern day Sweden); nephew of King Hygelac. Went to Denmark to the court of Hrothgar to kill the monster Grendel. Also killed Grendel’s mother and later near the end of his life, was able to finish off a dragon with the help of Wiglaf. Galahad, Sir
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