Ch18 - Ch18 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best...

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Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. Which of the following is NOT a term to describe the organizations that will succeed in meeting the competitive challenges that businesses face? a. adaptiveness b. flexibility c. responsiveness d. mechanistic 2. All of the following are part of globalizing an organization except : a. disseminating and gathering information b. developing people c. finding the most appropriate structure d. focusing on behavior rather than attitudes 3. Technological changes bring about profound change because they are not just changes in the way work is per- formed, but also result in: a. frustration b. changes in work relationships and organizational structures c. control being transferred to upper levels within the organizations because of the upper echelon's access to more and better information d. richer forms of communication 4. Most changes that encourage employees to become more ethical target what part of the organization? a. top management b. individuals in sales because that is where unethical behavior tends to be centered c. culture d. operations and the materials that may have environmental consequences 5. When the organization makes a large-scale change such as moving to a new structure, the change would be con- sidered: a. strategic b. transactional c. transformational d. radical 6. The most massive scope of change is known as: a. transactional b. strategic change c. transitional d. transformational 7. External change agents may be preferred by employees because they are viewed as: a. being the outside expert b. having the support of top management c. impartial
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Ch18 - Ch18 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best...

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